EVOIII Turbo install

 This is my progress so far with Lancer EVOIII big16G turbo install. US visiters not that this engine is 2.0 4G63 SOHC however issues are that same for G54 fittiment. The biggest issue is mounting the wastegate.

I am not sure how suitable this turbo is for the 2.6 G54 I think the 7cm2 exhaust housing may be a bit small but I guess it should flow heaps better than the stock TD05 !!!


 Turbo certainly looks good!

Housings are rotated from original EVO3 configuration.


New dump pipe required.You need a pipe for the wastegate and main exhaust hole.


 Plenty of clearance nothing

getting in the way


 Have to mount the wastegate here somehow and make intercooler adapter


 EVOIII turbo is mounted using bolts through the exhaust manfold on the EVOIII (and VR4, Eclipse, etc)


 The threads have to be drilled out and the area around the holes "faced" on the back to give a flat area for the nuts to pull down on. Also on the other side of the flange as well (not shown).


 EVOIII Turbine housing completed


 Intercooler hose adapter pipe fitted


 This picture shows difference between stock Starion exhaust manifold and EVOIII gasket.


 Line marked ready to put in mill and remove some metal!


  Manifold porting completed. You can see the size difference!


Because the turbo sits a little lower the oil drain pipe must be shortened. This must be done at the flange end because the bend in the pipe needs to stay in the same place to miss the engine mount.


 Outlet pipe has to be made to connect intercooler hose


 EVO3 turbo installed on car!


 EVO3 turbo installed on car!