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My Cars

My Widebody 1987 Conquest TSI (Starion) on a practise day at Eastern Creek Raceway Sydney Australia.

(There are only 2 of these cars in Australia)



Widebody Starion's were not imported by Mitsubishi Australia. All cars here are private imports. Perhaps less than 10 widebodies of all types in Australia.

(I sold this car in 2007)


 JA Starion 1982 model. Has 4G63 SOHC motor which was standard for our cars. (Note: After market wheels and non standard front airdam fitted)



 Australian Production Car Racing GroupE ("Showroom stock")

  Starions were very successful in motorsport. I was lucky to be part of this back in the 1980's. This a "Production car" Group E (showroom stock) race Starion driven and owned by Des Gibbs. I used to prepare and crew on this car. This photo taken in 1986. This is a JB model with a 2.0 4G63 SOHC with TC06 watercooled turbo. This model was not intercooled in Australia. We used to run aviation fuel and 1.1 bar boost.

This car racing at Amaroo Park


 More shots of the car in an earlier colour scheme (1985).

VERY limited mods were allowed in this class only free items were drivers seat, exhaust system after first joint, shock absorbers and safety equipment. No engine mods were allowed at all.

 Picture taken during the 1985 Winton300 (300km) endurance raced driven by Des Gibbs and Denis O'Brien (Denis driving in picture).

We had a good record in this event coming 3rd in 1985 and winning in 1986. (A bit of battle damage showing)


 Official results from the 1986 "Yokohama 300" 300km GroupE endurance race at Winton raceway in Victoria. As you can see Starions were very competitive in this class!

FIA GroupA Touring Cars

What was FIA "GroupA" you say (this is mainly for our US friends)? It was huge in the 1980's! National championships run in a lot of countries Europe, Japan, Australia, etc plus the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) and the European Touring Car Championship (ETCC). Many manufacturers took part in this series.

FIA web site

GroupA info page

More International races

See the link below (look at the bottom of the page and you will see a factory Ralliart Starion).

Starion Racing


To my knowledge there were no FIA GroupA touring car races held in the US. In fact the only US car to be homologated was the 1984 5 litre Ford Mustang which was done by Zakspeed in Germany. They lost interest and the cars were purchased by Dick Johnson Racing (Ford Australia factory team) and brought to Australia and raced. See the link below for more info:

GroupA Mustang info


 1985 All Japan GroupA Touring Car Championship


 1986 All Japan GroupA Touring Car Championship


 1987 All Japan GroupA Touring Car Championship


 1985 Australian GroupA Touring Car Championship (ATCC).

Factory Ralliart Australia Car driven by Kevin Bartlett. Photo taken by me at Winton Raceway the car qualifying 5th on the grid.

The cars were competitive early on in GroupA but Mitsubishi failed to homologate the parts required to put them at the front.

 STARION FIA GroupA Touring Cars currently existing in Australia (March 2007)


Dean Crosswell GroupA Starion

This car built in Australia


Coltspeed GroupA Starion

This car built in Australia


Sallard GroupA Starion

This car built in Japan

(As far as I know this is the only widebody GroupA car in the world)

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